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NESCON provides Strategic Business consulting and service, leveraging IT for transforming businesses to take head on the fast changing business environments. Fuelled by mobile computing, business analytics and cloud technologies, businesses are empowering teams within and outside the organization to develop new ways of solving old problems and channel innovative ideas into reality. With new competitors reinventing traditional marketplaces, organizations are obliged to not only keep up with but also anticipate the needs and desires of the market. This can come in many forms, including new products and service delivery or a rethinking of tried-and-true processes across the entire value chain.

Our team has a rich experience in setting up many start-up company’s IT infrastructure & operation spreading in-depth rural and semi-urban India. It is from business process analysis to IT policy, from branch IT setup to network, from end-user computing to enterprise computing, from data center operation to disaster recovery site, from service desk operation to facility management, from IT procurement to IT asset & vendor management, from mobility to virtualization & cloud computing, from mentoring and team building to training and coaching, from people to process & technology.

Our Strengths:

  • People-Process-Technology Management:
  • Organization Interfacing & Business Process Analysis:
  • Infrastructure Planning & Management:
  • Virtualization & Green-IT:
  • Cloud Computing:
  • Mobility & Networking:
  • Data Centre Operations & Management:
  • Service Desk & Facility Management:
  • Negotiation & Vendor Management:

What we do?

  • • IT strategic Development
  • • IT performance improvement
  • • IT projects’ effectiveness
  • • IT application management
  • • IT Organization and Governance
  • • IT Infrastructure optimization
  • • Business IT engagement modeling:
  • • IT metrics and dashboards